Hip Hop: My Thought is a video-magazine by BCypher.com. All episodes are filmed without profit, with flights, accommodations, meals, transportation, equipment, and all other expenses paid out of our pockets. Labor of love, ya’ll.

This video magazine is dedicated to my father, Anthony “Koko” Chang, who was brutally and senselessly murdered on September 12th, 2013. He was a huge supporter of the involvement of youth in the arts, a truly selfless man (in fact, he was murdered by a piece of shit who he was trying to help), and always supported my dancing. In my most troubled and shaky times, he’d encourage me to hit the floor–and I did.

There are five types of entries within Hip Hop: My Thought.

  • Episodes featuring stories of our culture & life lessons as experienced & shared by true BBoys and BGirls from around the world;
  • Postcards featuring videos that aren’t episodes from our travels around the globe;
  • Diaries which are non-video features and stories from our culture & within the walls of BCypher;
  • Surveys, which are results of your responses to questions we’ll ask the entire international community from time to time;
  • Contests which happen at least once a month for prizes designed to actually help in the journey of the winning BBoy or BGirl

We’re based out of Toronto, Canada. If you’re ever visiting and need a place to session, or a couch to crash on, hit us up.

Keep dancing. For the sake of the culture we love, keep dancing.

~ Maurice